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AEROPRINT withholds the most advanced technology in RFID product manufacturing, ranking as the top in the production of RFID tickets and labels manufacturer. With extensive worldwide connections, AEROPRINT has a well-known reputation globally, where all products are well polished with care and sophisticated.


We define the word "Quality". AEROPRINT strives for excellence in assembling products, we provide the best RFID solutions to our precious clients. Our head office is in Hong Kong, and our production teams are sited in Hong Kong and Nansha-China; we house more than 9 of the latest-state-of-art German RFID converting machines including Bielomatik and Mühlbauer, multiple dedicated production presses and processes, ancillary and finishing apparatuses. The finest equipment we host ensures AEROPRINT be capable of producing a great magnitude of product requirements.

AEROPRINT care for innovative ideas. Products can be make-to-order. WE are the solution you are looking for. 

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